A little about me

Matt is a Ruby on Rails, React Native and Devops engineer based in Manchester, UK.

After seeing that screencast in 2005, he ditched the murky world of C for a better future in web development.

Since then, he’s worked on web apps, SPA’s, mobile apps and native apps for a range of clients & agencies, and has helped get several burgeoning startups from zero to 50+ staff, acquisition and beyond. He’s built everything from laser-focused, single purpose tools to internal libraries and APIs and infrastructure capable of handling millions of daily active users.

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What to expect

  • A team of professionals to design, build and deploy your app
  • Support during the launch, post launch and scaling up period
  • Detailed research and development to understand the problems faced and proposed solutions
  • Decomposition of the project into deliverable features with a priority attached
  • Setup and deployment to a private staging server / build for internal testing and acceptance
  • A daily report on progress


A few words others have used to describe Matt:

It is amazing to work together with Matt. I work with him at Babylon health’s Core team and I easily can say that he is one of the best team members whom I had the pleasure to work with. He constantly demonstrates solid expertise in development and management and has a positive attitude towards work. He is a reliable and forward-thinking person who inspires the team to be better.

Felipe Aquino, Senior Software Engineer at Babylon Health

Matt arrived to pick up with Helpthemove’s legacy system and was able to jump straight in to work on our dev ops. We have a light management structure and Matt was able to t in easily and just get on with it. He delivered over and above on our expectations.

We will be working with Matt again.

Stephen Henesey, Managing Director at HelpTheMove

Matt came on board in the early concept stages of this project and was able to add significant value before any development began.

He quickly grasped the concept and deliverables of the application and built our entire beta version of our energy switching platform from scratch.

Working with Matt has been a breeze, he ys through bugs and tasks and is very easy to work with. We look forward to hiring him for the next phase of the application.

Andrew Brooks, Director at EnergyRocks

Matthew is one of the best programmers I’ve had the fortune to meet.

Jim Neath, Managing Director at Pandere

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